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5 Tips For Hosting Outdoor Events

5 Tips For Hosting Outdoor Events

Even more events are moving outdoor this Summer due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many are worried that their guests may not feel comfortable gathering indoor. Although, outdoor events can be fun there are challenges when it comes to throwing a successful outdoor bash.

The comfort level of your guests can make or break your party experience.¬†¬†Therefore, we’ve compiled 5 tips for hosting your outdoor event.

We strongly recommend a tent for all outdoor events here in Michigan.  Tents are ideal for making sure that your guests have the proper sun protection and shelter them from outdoor elements. 

We prefer tents to have the sidewall for weddings or formal events. If you prefer not to have the sidewall then we recommend getting flooring inside of the tent. 

The grass and concrete can be unleveled and the flooring provides a leveled surface so that the tables and chairs don’t wobble as much and cause the decor to fall and/or break. This will also create a better experience for your guests.

Pest Control

Have you ever gone to an outdoor event and spent most of your time dodging bugs and insects? Well you don’t want to give your guests that same experience. Guests are likely to stay longer at your party if it is comfortable and they are able to enjoy themselves. Here are three ways to avoid pest from controlling your event.

  1. Have an exterminator spray the area.
  2. Incorporate decorative citronella candles.
  3. Keep electric fans running to blow the mosquitos away. 

Flooring Under Tent 
Flooring can be used to preserve the grass and provide a stable surface for dancing. 

Add lighting to your nighttime outdoor event. Create an optimal mood with one of many lighting options. You can add a string of lights, uplighting or a gobo.

Find out if your food vendor and/or DJ will need power outlets. If you are planning to run multiple power sources you may need a generator. 

If you are planning to book My Party Queen for your outdoor event, we can assist you with getting a tent, lighting and more. Contact us at info@mypartyqueen.com.