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Have you thought about how to add that extra wow to your big day? Luckily, My Party Queen has you covered with tons of new items that will wow your guest! Check out some examples below of things you can add to your wedding package. UP IN SMOKE! Dancing on Clouds is a ‘Dramatic Effect” that adds style and romance to your first dance together as husband & wife. You can also

  You've counted up your RSVPs—now it's time to make a wedding seating plan for your reception. You can’t just sit anybody anywhere! When making a seating chart you must think about EVERYTHING! Don’t worry, My Party Queen has you covered and will show you how to make a seating chart without losing your mind. Tip 1: Who's coming? To begin, you'll need to scour your RSVPs and figure out who's actually coming.

Being a bridesmaid is a big commitment! From dresses to bachelorette parties and bridal showers, the expenses can add up quick. To ensure that your bridesmaids are not spending their last, be sure to share this week's newsletter with them. Our tips will help them to plan a bridal shower for you without breaking the bank.   Please Note Brides! If your friends or family members are willing to plan a bridal shower

Having the perfect DJ can really set the tone for your wedding day. That’s why finding the right wedding DJ is such a big deal. You’ll want to find a wedding DJ who has great musical taste and can fill up your dance floor! You also want to check with your DJ and see what else they can provide. This includes uplighting, monograms, and other key things that will make

Finding the perfect cake baker for your big day isn't the easiest task but My Party Queen has your back! It's not just about sampling fondant and sponge cake flavors, it takes A LOT of research. Before you book your cake baker, you’ll want to do your research and make sure the bakery can deliver on your dream wedding cake. Follow our tips below and see a list of our

 Creating a wedding timeline is essential in making sure your big day goes as planned. Breaking down your entire wedding day timeline helps you stay organized and on-track when the day arrives. This is your personal blueprint for a stress-free celebration! The timeline will ensure everyone is in the right place and at the right time. You should share your timeline with your vendors, bridal party and family so they

What's the point of having a fancy cake and spending thousands of dollars on a dress when don't have the right photographer? Having your cousin take pictures of your wedding on their iPhone is not something you want to settle for on your big day. In this week's newsletter, we are giving you tips on choosing the best photographer for your wedding day! We will also include some of our